Weekly Devotion, 7/11/2022

Passage for this week: 1 Corinthians 2:10-12
Resource: Pray The Word Podcast by David Platt

How to use this resource: The questions below should be read after you and your family have spent time listening to the resource, and after you have had time to read through the passage carefully and slowly. Following your family time discussion (using the questions below, or your own questions regarding this text), close in prayer and ask your kids how you can be praying for them and let them know how they can be praying for you as parents.

Family Devotional Question For This Week: 

1.    What stands out to you the most from reading this passage? What did you learn that is new to you from this passage? What did you learn that caused you to remember something you’ve known, or what has been reinforced from reading this passage?

2. What is it that this passage teaches us that makes ‘knowing God’ possible for Christians? 
(Potential answers: Quite simply, the Spirit of God – the third person of the trinity – allows us to continue knowing and growing in the knowledge of God. Because the Spirit of God IS God and knows “even the depths of God” as this passage explains, we can continue to know God and grow in the knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit that is given to believers. There is no end to understanding and what we can know about God, as David said, which is why believers will spend eternity worshipping and knowing God in His fullness! Think back to when you and your best friend came to know one another and how your friendship grew based on continuing to spend time with them and growing in knowing them. For those who have trusted in Christ, we will spend an eternity in Heaven having that kind of joy and satisfaction and growth in knowing God through His Holy Spirit!

3. What is the most misunderstood thing about God that you can think of? In other words, what did you wish you knew more of about God so that something else in your life made more sense? Or, maybe another way of asking this, What is it about God that you feel you know the least about? 
(Potential answers: This is more of a personal question that you can spend time talking about and trying to understand as a family. Write down some of their answers and walk through those things with them this week – or reach out to me with some of those things! Personally, growing up, I struggled with the hiddenness of God. It was a misunderstanding I had about God as to why I felt He wouldn’t just reveal Himself to people who truly wanted to see Him and know of His existence. As I got older, from listening to faithful teachers of God’s Word, I realized the hiddenness of God is mentioned both in the Old and New Testament. One example in the OT is how God’s holiness is a safeguard for His sinful people who cannot stand in His presence and thus have to be protected from God’s presence. Even as Moses’s face was glowing after simply talking with God on Mount Sinai (Exodus 33:20; 34:29), this side effect of communing with God caused the people to fear and ask Moses to veil his face for some time. We know that the hiddenness of God was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ though as the New Testament authors record the life, ministry, death and resurrection of the Son of God.
See John 1:1, 14, 18, 10:30 and 20:29 to cap this thought off

Prayer Prompts For This Week: 

 – Pray for God to reveal himself to us more through the acceptance of His Son Jesus Christ and the impartation and indwelling of His Holy Spirit so that we may live according to His Word.
 – Pray that God would open our eyes in His word more and more to who He is. Pray that God would open our hearts to love more and more of who God is and that God would open and step into our lives to glorify Him in greater ways.
 – Continue to pray for one another and write down or remember the requests of each person. Either have one person pray over each request, or delegate those prayer requests so that each person prays for something or someone specific.