At IBC Youth, our mission is to see students and their families changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to live authentic lives for Jesus Christ.

Spring Midweek YTH Series

Join us every Wednesday night throughout the Spring in the Activity Center for our regular midweek programming! There are a lot of voices floating around with various thoughts on who God is. These voices are in the news, on TV, social media, at school, maybe even with some of your friends or family members. With a world that claims to know about God, not many are in pursuit to truly know God. All month long, our focus is on helping us see that the journey of discovering who God truly is in His Son Jesus Christ is everything. In fact, a real and growing relationship with Him changes how we live, how we love, and ultimately, how we relate to others. We hope you’ll invite a friend and come join us Wednesday nights in the Activity Center! Doors open at 6:00pm.

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WEEKLY SCHEDULE FOR IBC YTH (6th-12th graders):


At IBC, wherever your student is in their walk with Christ, we have something for everyone and seek to accommodate for your students spiritual needs! Please email me at any time through my address below.

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