Weekly Devotion, 9/12/2022

Passage for this week: 1 Corinthians 6:1-8
Resource: Pray The Word Podcast by David Platt

How to use this resource: The questions below should be read after you and your family have spent time listening to the resource, and after you have had time to read through the passage carefully and slowly. Following your family time discussion (using the questions below, or your own questions regarding this text), close in prayer and ask your kids how you can be praying for them and let them know how they can be praying for you as parents.

Family Devotional Question For This Week:

1.     What stands out to you the most from reading this passage? What did you learn that is new to you from this passage? What did you learn that caused you to remember something you’ve known, or what has been reinforced from reading this passage?

2. Why is Paul urging believers to have their disputes settled amongst one another within the church and without the non-believing law involved? 
(Potential answers: Right off the bat, there are legal matters today that should absolutely be brought to the proper law enforcement agencies when present. this isn’t Paul saying that the church should protect people who should not be held accountable for their ergregious unlawful activity. Rather, Paul is saying the disputes you have internally should never rise above that which the spirit of God and the discernent of indwelt believers cannot first handle or settle in proper and appropriate manners. These verses are stark in their warning and confronting nature to the saints/believers in Corinth. They represent the serious impetus on unity that this letter is covered with!

3.     Have you ever experienced a serious disagreement with another person at church? How was it handled? What did you learn from this passage that would’ve been helpful? 
(Potential answers: Use the passage above to think through how various types of disagreements in the past would’ve been helped by adherence to this passage. Think about your own disagreements and how you have used the wisdom of the Word of God before.

Prayer Prompts For This Week: 

 – Pray that we would be centered around the Word of God and unity that comes from adhering to it and be a representation of unity to the World even in our disputes.
 – Pray that God ordains and is in control of the civil authorities that He has established and for us to be reminded of that truth. Pray that the church would be a greater representation of unity that the world needs to see and so be influenced.
 – Continue to pray for one another and write down or remember the requests of each person. Either have one person pray over each request, or delegate those prayer requests so that each person prays for something or someone specific.