Weekly Devotion, 7/25/2022

Passage for this week: 1 Corinthians 3:1-7
Resource: Pray The Word Podcast by David Platt

How to use this resource: The questions below should be read after you and your family have spent time listening to the resource, and after you have had time to read through the passage carefully and slowly. Following your family time discussion (using the questions below, or your own questions regarding this text), close in prayer and ask your kids how you can be praying for them and let them know how they can be praying for you as parents.

Family Devotional Question For This Week: 

1.    What stands out to you the most from reading this passage? What did you learn that is new to you from this passage? What did you learn that caused you to remember something you’ve known, or what has been reinforced from reading this passage?

2. Who was there or is there currently in your life that has spent time pouring in to you and furthering your walk with Christ? 
(Potential answers: This is more of a personal question that requires a personal response, but this passage focuses on what Paul describes as “servants through whom you (Christians in Corinth) have believed in the Gospel. He then says they were playing the role the Lord gave to them faithfully. Every Christian needs other christians – particularly those who are more mature and advanced in their walk with Jesus – to come alongside younger believers to show them what it looks like in their life to follow Christ.

3. How are we to grow in our dependance on God rather than those who disciple us, those who teach us, and those who help us grow closer to Christ? 
(Potential answers: We certainly want to avoid placing those who disciple, teach and lead us (to Jesus) on a pedestal. this was the problem that Paul is addressing in our passage today. people were claiming to be disciples of certain people rather than Christ. we can still honor those who are filling those roles in our lives, but we must realize that the Lord is behind it all – all of our human faithfulness and steadfastness to one another that dispels disunity in our church!

Prayer Prompts For This Week: 

 – Pray that God would reveal to us, in His perfect timing, someone to lead, teach, and personally disciple each one of us if we do not yet have someone who can do so.
 – Pray and be grateful to God for godly leaders, parents, teachers and others who have been godly influences in our lives. thank God that from their example we too can share the good news of the gospel with others who, prayerfully, will also begin to seek after Christ.
 – Continue to pray for one another and write down or remember the requests of each person. Either have one person pray over each request, or delegate those prayer requests so that each person prays for something or someone specific.