Sermons by Dr. Jason Hughes (Page 3)

The Church You’d Want to Join

Acts 2:41-47 What makes a church spiritually effective for life-changing ministry?  According to the book of Acts, it is the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through disciples of Jesus Christ.  What does a Spirit-empowered church look like?  To find out join us this Sunday as we continue our Acts sermon series and…

The Glorious Gift of God

Acts 2:1-41 On Pentecost, the disciples were waiting for the arrival of the mysterious Holy Spirit, the One Jesus promised He would send.  Suddenly with great power, the Holy Spirit arrived changing the disciples and empowering the mission of God’s message!  Come learn how all Christians have the glorious gift of God, the Holy Spirit, to guide…

Gazing or Going?

Acts 1:1-11 This Sunday we begin a new sermon series in the book of Acts.  After the resurrection of Jesus, He gives His final instructions to His disciples before ascending to heaven.  After He is gone the disciples are left stuck staring at the sky.  Have you ever felt stuck in life?  In this week’s…

God is Calling

Exodus 3:1-12 Today we begin a new sermon series about how to respond to God’s calling on your life.  In this series, we are going to be looking at the life of Moses and explore how God calls each one of us for His eternal purposes.  

The Darkest Day

Matthew 27:45-66 There has never been a darker day in all of history than the day that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Roman cross.  Today we’re going to examine the crucifixion of Christ once more to understand what the Lord endured out of love for us.