Josh Bell

As a guy, I’ll typically introduce myself as an engineer, husband, and father, likely in that order. I’m not a pastor, and really wouldn’t carry that title, but do understand the pastoral responsibility that comes with the role of Worship Leader, or Lead Worshiper as I might prefer.

I grew up in a Christian family where musical involvement was all around. From singing to instruments my family, including myself, were involved in the worship and musical experiences at church. I was in the band in middle and high school, and college at University of Tennessee, but for me, playing music was never the main focus- it was my place of camaraderie, respite, and reflection. In college, after meeting my wife, Alecia, I truly became a believer. She then introduced me to current artist of the time in Contemporary Christian Music. Bands like Third Day, Switchfoot, and FFH were groups that influenced both my faith and musical growth. Soon I discovered artists such as Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and Shane and Shane. It helped me to see amazing song writers and musicians, crafting music that worked as well in Sunday worship as in the car or at home. Alecia will tell you until I came to Idlewild, I didn’t play guitar much around the house. Mike Smith invited me to help out with the sound, and well the rest is history.

Other than instruments with keys, I’ve played 4, 6, 8 and 12 stringed instruments, saxophone, sang in choir, mens’ groups, praise team, and filled in as a worship leader. That brings us to where we are today. I get the privilege of working with some amazing instrumentalists, vocalists, audio/video leads, and downright fun people every week. The band and vocalists are such selfless people, and I credit where we are today musically to their gifts, talents, and most importantly their attitudes.