• ADVERTISING / PROMOTIONS - IBC will make every effort to enhance the success of the event through public advertising on our church website, social media sites, road signs and flyers. We encourage our venders to help spread the word through their own social media sites and networks.
  • DUPLICATE VENDORS - Currently we are not limiting vendors with similar inventories from registering. However, we will do our best to separate those vendors with "like products" as much as possible. DIRECT SALES see below.
  • DIRECT SALES CONSULTANTS - If you are a direct sales consultant (such as Paparazzi) and that company has a rule against multiple vendors at the same event, it is your responsibility to check prior to registering if another consultant has already reserved a space for this event. You may inquire by sending an email to info@idlewildbaptist.org. Priority will be given in the order emails are received. No refunds will be given.
  • DOOR PRIZES - All Vendors are welcome to participate in our door prize giveaways to encourage additional traffic to your space. If you wish to participate, please let us know at the time of registration. Participation requires you to provide a minimum of one "gift" item to give away. However, no more than three items per vendor. Your gift will be assigned a door prize number and each customer will receive a free door prize ticket for attending the event. The customer must then visit the participating spaces to find the winning match. Your space will also be provided signage indicating you are participating in the giveaway.
  • SPACES - All spaces are 10’ X 10' for a fee that is non-refundable and are outdoors with no access to electricity. All vendors are encouraged to have canopy tents as all spaces are outdoors. At the vendors request, 2 chairs will be provided for each space at no cost. Table rentals are also available for a cost of $8 per table (non-refundable) and only while supplies last. (6’ rectangular - Limit of 2) Table rental request should be made at the time of registration and tables will be placed in your space prior to your arrival on event day.
  • SET UP - Event Staff will be available beginning 2 hours prior to event for set up. No vendors are to begin set up without first checking in with event staff. Vendors will have vehicle/space access to unload/set up provided they are not blocking other vendors from accessing their spaces. All vehicles MUST be moved to the designated vendor parking 30 minutes prior to event for public safety reasons. Vendors are responsible for their own set up and must keep their displays within their allotted space.
  • OPERATIONS - Operational hours are from 3:00 PM until 8:00 PM. All vendors are required to be at their space at all times. If you are alone and need a restroom break, please contact an event staff member for assistance at your space during your absence.
  • CLOSING - All vendors are required to remain open for the full day. Breakdowns of space are not permitted prior to 8:00 PM. Vehicle access for breakdown at 8:00 PM will be determined by public traffic. If traffic is still considerable, it may be necessary to delay vehicles for a few minutes to allow the walkways to be cleared. This however will not prevent you from beginning to pack your space if you choose. Breakdowns should be completed by 9:00 pm. No vendor items should be left in rented space.
  • APPLICATIONS - All vendors must complete the application entirely. Spaces are not considered reserved until payment is received. Tables will not be considered reserved until both payment and application are received.
  • ONLINE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP - October 24, 2022 
  • CONFIRMATION - All vendors submitting an application with payment will receive a confirmation notice via email. Spaces will be assigned in the order they were received unless moving is necessary to separate "like vendors". In the event of a "like vendor," the 2nd vendor applying will be spaced accordingly. An email notification will be sent out by October 25, 2022 with space assignments. NO online vendor applications will be accepted after October 24, 2022.
    Indoor restroom facilities - CAC building
    BYOC - Bring Your Own Cup - Vendors bringing their own coffee cup will receive free coffee all day.

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