Yth DNOW - Driven

Yth DNOW - Driven

Event Schedule: 03-14-2014 to 03-16-2014

Driven is a 5 session, short-term Bible study for students by Jeff Simmons. Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount are loving yet challenging, empowering yet convicting. As counter-cultural today as it was then, the Sermon on the Mount describes what should be the character, attitudes and actions of those who live as Christ's disciples. Designed as a short-term study for a DNOW setting, Driven dives into Matthew 5-7 and explores Jesus' expectations for His followers laying and building a foundation for the Christian life.


  • Students will leave with a richer, deeper understanding of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.
  • Students will be challenged to live a life defined by God's Kingdom rather than one defined by the world's standards.

Contact: Jeff Turner
704-847-6565, ext 230

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